• This is a set of Pillar 1423 Aero spokes for a set of SDM wheelset.
  • One set includes 20 for front wheel, and 24 for rear wheel.
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50% Thicker Spokes, Secure Lock Nipples

It might seem like an obvious fact for any road bike, but we’ve seen again and again that thicker spokes make for a stronger and more durable wheel. Because the thicker spokes can take higher spoke tension, reinforced spokes will last longer than thinner ones. The aero spokes on a road wheel is usually 0.8mm to 1.0mm thick. We use 1.5mm thick spokes, which means that the spokes in our wheels are at least 50% thicker than the ones you’d find elsewhere. All our spokes are made with Sandvik T302 stainless steel, which works in temperatures ranging from -200 to 250°C (-330 to 480°F), and features moderate tensile strength, reasonable fatigue and relaxation resistance, and a high amount of corrosion resistance.

Strong & Durable Nipples

Sapim Secure Lock Nipples

The newly patented Sapim secure lock nipple works to lock your nipples into place, preventing them from untightening. Each one is made using a specially built, highly precise machine, which ensures that the threads are stable, solid, and well defined.


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