Strong Durable Hub


A Zero-failure Hub

BladeX has selected the premium BITEX hubs as its partner of choice for the SDM wheelset – these come fitted with top quality sealed Taiwanese ceramic bearings as standard. The hub choice enables the SDM wheel to be stiff, strong, light and offer very low rolling resistance. In addition, the freehub mechanism has 48 points of engagement that ensures quick transfer of your pedalling effort into speed.

In summary, BladeX has carefully evaluated and chosen hubs that combine optimum performance and customer value. The hubs are included within our 2-year warranty.

Customers can also choose to customise their hub selection when ordering an SDM wheelset:
Upgrading: to a specific hub choice (e.g. Chris King, DT Swiss 240, or DT Swiss 180’s);
Downgrading: from Taiwanese TPI ceramic bearings (included as standard) to steel bearings – and save $60 from the final purchase price.

Who Are BiteX?
BiteX is a superlative Taiwanese bicycle hub manufacturer, established in 1923 and formerly known as Valisum. BiteX has earned a global reputation within the wheel building industry for combining high quality materials and innovative and patented designs to create some of the best performing, most durable and reliable hubs on the market. They are widely used and consistently review well across the global wheel industry.

BiteX use their own patented 6 pawl freehub design that is fast to engage, with 48 points of engagement, as well as being quiet and very durable and providing excellent free-wheel credentials. Each pawl held in place by a spring/clip and is also given an additional coil spring.  The hubs are easy to take apart with basic tools for servicing.
The ceramic balls rotate in a single cartridge unit that can be easily removed for servicing, or replaced once worn out, creating convenience.

The steel bearings option uses ABEC5 TPI bearings, that are among the best quality steel bearings available.

Weight: Front: 76g, Rear: 217g
Rolling System: Sealed Ceramic Bearings / 4
Gauge: 14
Spoke Holes: 20/24H or 18/ 21
O.L.D: 130mm
Axle: Ø10 – A7075
P.C.D: Ø38.5 / 50.6
Casstte: Aluminum A7075
Pawls: 6
48 points of engagement


Extremely Reliable:
In the past 8 years, we have used this hubset as standard configuration to build BladeX road lines, and we received zero complain in the past 8 years.
Thanks to it’s simple structure, these hubs are physically reliable and impossible to break.


Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

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