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You are welcome to contact Akshay Raju to arrange a Test Ride, and get a coupon of $200 from him after the Test Ride.
Contact Name: Akshay Raju




Wheels Owned: SDM 5X5 Clincher DT Swiss 350


I have been using bladex wheels more then a year now. It almost looks like my TT bike has married Bladex wheels. These bad ass wheels have taken me across the finish line in many road & Triathlon races including Ironman Cairns, bladex wheels with DT Swiss hubs are like bread and butter when these two come together its just a wonder, bladex wheels rolling is amazing, Athletes looking for free speed these wheels will help you achieve gains

One comment on “AMBASSADOR: Akshay Raju

  1. I can vouch for these 50mm wheels in the lightest format ~1400 grams, having ridden them over 5000kms now, they still look like new – through all weathers given by Cape Town from excess heat and more relevantly through high winds. In races they are sure footed in decents, on corners and are happiest cruising at 40kmh + I often cruise in an elite racing pack without pedaling whilst admiring those around me working considerably harder. It’s difficult to directly compare on speed – but

    They are light, quick, comfortable, stable and durable.. and exceed the performance of the previous vision 50 tubs & zipp 404 I’ve owned – including braking resin tgx. They are in a different league to a set of similarly priced Chinese wheels I had the misfortune to own- which look ok, but can’t handle cross winds, or intense braking and one brake surface wore out and the other eventually melted on.

    I’ve also had them set up as tubeless as well as in standard clincher format. The tubeless set up is pretty easy – the choice of a reputable long valve is important – the result is a lighter total package. My slight gripe with tubeless is the susceptibility of the side walls to cuts from glass – which is a problem in South African roads… they work great but tyre longevity on my rear wheel is less than I would have hoped.

    Overall, These wheels are the real deal.. and I highly recommend them as well made, genuine quality hoops. So much so, I brought several sets over for use by my wife and a few friends.

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